Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What age does my son/daughter need to be to participate in football/cheer?

A:  Dexter children entering 3-6 grade may participate in DYFL tackle football and cheer. Flag football is available to Dexter children in grades 1-6. 

Q:  Are there tryouts for football and cheerleading?

A:  No, there are no tryouts. Only evaluations for tackle and flag football to ensure kids are placed appropriately.

Q:  What equipment will my son need for tackle football?

A:  A helmet, shoulder pads, mouth guard, jersey, and 1 pair of pants with pads will be provided by DYFL.  Many parents choose to purchase an extra practice jersey, cleats, mouth guard, and padded pants.

Q:  When is DYFL’s football season? 

A: There is drop in practice Mid-August (exact dates TBD) from 6:00 - 7:30pm at Creekside. This is voluntary and non-contact.  Teams usually practice 3 days a week beginning August 20th to the end of October.  Tackle games are played on Sundays or Mondays and flag games are played on Saturdays.

q: When does cheer start and when are practices:

A: Cheer practices will begin mid-August. Practices will be 3 times/week. Location, dates and times to follow soon.

Q:  What are parent responsibilities? 

A: Parents are expected to bring their child to practices and games.  Parents are not expected to stay during practice times, but can if they want.  Parent help is needed in the concession stand, chain gang, announcer's booth, apparel table, and with the end of the year banquet.

Q:  What safety practices are in place for the children? 

A:  DYFL coaches and players are members of USA Football and participate in the Heads-Up training and certification program.  Coaches attend clinics throughout the summer that teach proper blocking and tackling techniques.  Equipment is inspected and evaluated each season to ensure the children have the proper gear in order to play safe and fun football.

Q:  If my child attends a school district outside of dexter, can they play football with DYFL?

A:  A child is eligible to play football for DYFL if they are a resident of Dexter or attend Dexter Community Schools.